Gracefully Yours 
by Grace Figus

Text copyright © 2012 Grace Figus 
All Rights Reserved

Two against all

I grew up with strong moral values.

My parents have always forbid me to leave the house except to go to school or church.

I never had a boyfriend until the day I met my husband. He was the only man I kissed before marrying him a year later. I was just following in the footsteps of my family; my mother, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother, had done the same thing with their men.

The marriage lasted thirteen years and when I separated, I closed forever a heavy and painful chapter in my life.

At this point I found myself meeting new and different people, beginning friendships, and going out at night.

In spite of my freedom, I never really tried to be with someone. I wasn’t interested, not because I was still tied to my ex, I simply desired to be part of a discreet social life. To be tied emotionally was not even thinkable. I had suitors, but excluding one man of little importance for whom I felt something, all men were quite indifferent to me.

Ten months after this routine, suddenly you appear, My Love!

What a surprise that you had been in my life! I did not expect you, I was not looking for you, but I discovered you.

Reality looked at us in the face from the very start. We were divided by age, culture, tradition, experience, parents, friends, distance, and economic level.

Did I missed something or was all this enough to prevent any relationship?

Surprising us both, love blossomed just the same, at first timidly, then with flourishing ardor.

Against all odds, we were able to stay together.

The end of our story, in fact, has nothing to do with all the impediments listed above, including not loving each other anymore. So what happened? You are the only one that really knows, even if you tried to explain it yourself, your inner restlessness and inconsistency of feelings towards me, don’t calm me down yet, but I am resigned.

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